Belt Evaluations:


Practice at home and work hard in class, get an Orange Stripe this week as your invitation to the evaluations.  Instructors will be reviewing in detail the evaluation requirements, if you know the requirements and have developed the required skills you and your family are invited to attend the evaluation, see the front desk for information.


Jr. Achievers(5-9yrs)- Fri Nov 24

Young Leaders (10-14yrs)- Fri Dec 8

Adult- Fri Dec 8




"Now You Know" of the month:


The translation of kiai varies depending on the source, but a good translation is the harmonization of internal energy or spirit union, which comes from the aikido interpretation. This energy is thought to be concentrated at the hara or tanden (1-2 inches below the navel) and a kiai is the collection of this energy, which is then focused through the body into a technique, a noise or a posture. The kiai is further said to enable a practitioner to eliminate unrelated energies at that moment to concentrate pure ki into the technique. If one looks at a kiai as the harmonizing or concentrating of energy for a single purpose then the kiai need not be vocalized at all. Rather the kiai, could be a silent exhaling focus or further it could simply be a moment at which there exists absolute zanshin, where the mind and body focus on a single task, regardless of kokyu ho.

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