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Chito-Ryu Karate

Chito-Ryu is a form of Okinawan Karate established in 1946 by Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose; a renowned Okinawan Karate master and a direct descendant of some of Okinawa’s early Karate masters. Dr. Chitose was also instrumental in assisting Gichin Funakoshi (the “Father of modern Karate”) with the introduction of Karate to mainland Japan from Okinawa.

It is widely regarded as the “most ergonomically-efficient” of all karate styles due to the fact the techniques and methods it employs were developed from a medical perspective and are designed for promoting longevity and health as well as effective self-defence. 

More than traditional karate Chito-Ryu involves a complete martial art that employs striking, kicking, grappling, trapping and locking techniques.

Canadian Chito-Ryu Karate practitioners regularly represent Canada on the international stage as competitors, coaches and officials; including 2015  Pan Am Games Silver Medalist from New Brunswick.

The Canadian Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Association is led by Sensei Shane Higashi – Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame inductee and the first person to achieve the rank of Sho Dan (Black Belt) under Sensei Tsuruoka (“founder of karate in Canada”).

Richmond Hill KARATE & FITNESS (RHKARATE) was founded in 1968 and is the second-longest operating Canadian Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Association Dojo.

Under Sensei Higashi’s direction RHKARATE Senior instructor Sensei R. Ferri, 7th Dan has achieved the teaching title of Kyoshi and is the Chief Technical Director for the World Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Association, the Canadian Karate-Do Association and the Chito-Ryu Association of Ontario. 


Karate training provides benefits including:

· Improved physical conditioning

· Self defence and awareness skills

· Team work and camaraderie

· Development of goals setting skills

· Mental focus and attention to detail

· Perseverance and Hard work

Following Sensei R. Ferri’s philosophy the focus of Richmond Hill KARATE & FITNESS (RHKARATE) is the development of the student, not only into exceptional karate-ka but also into outstanding members of society. Students at the club learn that in addition to consistent effort helping others and working together are the best ways to develop one’s own skills. 


As a traditional Chito-Ryu dojo black belts are not easily handed out, students are required to show enough physical and mental maturity along with skill to obtain their black belt.

RHK&F’s chief instructors provide technical guidance:

Sensei (Kyoshi) R. Ferri

· 45+ years’ experience

· 7th dan

· 2nd-highest Chito-Ryu Karate instructor title in Canada

· Chief Technical Director for Chito-Ryu Associations

Sensei (Shihan) J. Ferri

· 30+ years’ experience

· 4th dan

· 15+ years of national and international competition

· Multiple time provincial, national and international medalist

· Member of Ontario Chito-Ryu Referee Committee

Senior Instructors lead with their diversified experience:

 Sensei (Shihan) M. Sisler

· 25+ years’ experience

· 4th dan

· 10+ years of provincial and international competition

· Member of Ontario Chito-Ryu Referee Committee

 Sensei (Shidoin) D. McCulloch

· 15+ years’ experience

· 3rd dan

· Certified Personal Trainer


    Appropriate for beginners & the seasoned individual. Always a challenging, exciting & invigorating experience. Classes are led by dedicated and energetic black belt instructors with years of karate training experience focusing on developing every student to their potential.  As active members of the Canadian Chito-Ryu Karate Association  the instructors are continually training with high level practitioners and athletes from across the country.

    Designed specifically for young children under 6 years. They will learn basic blocks, kicks, punches, breakfalls & even full katas (combination of movements). The goal of the class is to provide a fun environment for the children to work on their coordination, balance, concentration and memory. This is a fun way for young children to meet and interact with others. (students 5-6 years can select between the Karate Kiddies and Junior Achiever programs depending on individual maturity)


    New students attend a semi private introduction program where they learn the etiquette and basic skills of Karate, once they learn these skills they move to the appropriate program (Jr. Achievers or Young Leaders).


    Instructors are focused on helping the individual student to learn the skills and the basics of karate. Students not only develop in martial art skills but there is a focus on personal and social development where they learn to work with groups and teams, while working towards personal and group goals. 


    As older students the focus of this group is to learn to set and achieve personal goals. They learn to perform and achieve in martial arts and life as they work towards individual belts and competition achievements where they will showcase their abilities and skills with confidence.  As they work towards entering the Black Belt Development Program they will become leaders within their group and to other youths within RHKarate.

    Students who would like to further their technical ability and physical conditioning can join the competition team where the focus is on the athletic development of the karate-ka.  The students will be trained in techniques and skills that come down from national and provincial competiton training camps and years of competition experience of our instructors.

  7. DAY CAMP -Summer and Holidays See Office for dates
    Full day Karate & Sports camp 9:00AM-4:00PM. 
    Karate: 2-3 classes per day including basics, Kata, Kumite, Self Defence, Mini Tournament, KidFiT(TM) (B.O.B. workout) and development of each Karate-kas individual preparation for gradings
    Sports: 2 classes per day including basketball, volleyball, badminton and indoor soccer
    Arts & Crafts: various mediums including watercolour, painting, sketching, small crafts and group projects
    *Also for Summer we have water fun on Fridays, Henna tattoos, etc.
    Please visit our studio to reserve and register your spot as there are limited spaces. Also available is before and after camp care 7:30AM-9:00AM & 4:00PM-6:00PM




The study of Japanese weapons.  Starting with the bo (staff) students learn techniques, forms and pre arranged sparing. As students develop other weapons are intruduced such as the sai and tonfa.

Studying both Chito-Ryu Weapons and RyuKyu Kobujustu students practice forms and skills that have been passed down from a time in Japan/Okanawa when the common people we not allowed to carry weapons and and had to learn to defend against an attacker with common tools.