Creating Champions in Karate & Life Since 1968



Richmond Hill KARATE & FITNESS is a traditional Karate club established in 1968, it incorporates centuries-old traditions, promoting respect, discipline, hard work and self-confidence. Our philosophy is to provide the best possible karate training, recognizing that each individual has different physical abilities, needs and goals. We help dedicated students' progress in the knowledge and skills of karate, thus maximizing their physical and mental potential. Chito-Ryu traditional karate focuses on good manners, self-discipline, physical fitness and self-defense, remembering the aim of karate is the perfection of the character of its participants.

Let's get the whole family into a healthy active lifestyle.

Be adventurous and try something new. We recommend creating your own fitness journey and surpass fitness plateaus by always striving to better your skills and try a new class! Always remember, this path is your very own and set individualized goals. You can start with any goal and continue to build upon it.

Traditional Karate, Sport Competition Karate (Bogu and WKF types of competition), Kobujitsu (Japanese Weapons), Tai Chi, Self Defense,  Day Camp Programs & Birthday Parties. Classes are offered for all ages and skill levels, starting with our Karate Kiddies Program that has energetic 2-year olds to our adult class which has a variety of adult ages.

Competition Training

PunchFiT(tm) CardioBox

PunchFiT(tm) group fitness classes are instructed by experienced martial artists. This class will get your heart-pumping combining fat-burning cardio with muscle toning exercises.

In this one of kind adult fitness program that incorporates "BOB" (realistic body opponent bag), you can kick and punch your way to overall better health. This high energy cardio program is a motivational way to get fit and firm while having lots of fun! Increase your cardio, tone your arms, stomach and legs, while working towards improved endurance and flexibility.

CoreFiT(tm) Bootcamps

Bootcamp programs that focus on increased personal development, stability, core training and muscle toning. Experienced instructors push you to improve your health, tone your body and stay in shape. Get ready to mix it up with back to basics and moves that will have your body begging for more.

Personal Training

We always help you with useful advice. Your dedicated instructor will develop a special program of training and development to assist you in achieving your goals. As expected they will help you plan and implement your development stratagy and push you to be your best.

Tai Chi

A low impact continuous movement martial-art Tai Chi is good for improving flexibility, mobility and staying active. 

Studio Ettiquette

New to Karate & Fitness?

Congratulations for taking the step towards new, fun and exciting fitness.


Here a few steps to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable experience for all students, as well as in keeping with Karate tradition.

Please remove your shoes upon entering the dojo workout floor (place on shoe racks).
Hang up your jackets in the designated areas.
Please be scent free.
Sign in at the desk before entering.
Wear a clean uniform.
Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed short for safety reasons.
Always show courtesy to all individuals and the dojo.

Karate Etiquette

Try to arrive a few minutes early for all Karate classes. For all Karate-kas (Karate students), proper Karate etiquette is to bow upon and entering the dojo floor, when you see your instructor or other black belts. You are to bow with your hands at your side.

If yourself or your child(ren) are attending Karate classes, please sit on the blue mats (at the side of the studio, near the change rooms) in seiza (kneel down) or cross-legged quietly. Please be respectful of the ongoing class, allow them to bow out and wait for instruction from the Sensei (chief instructor) before entering the workout floor. It is Karate tradition to have your gi (uniform) and belt properly on and clean.

Once your class has been called to the floor, the Sensei may lead you right into a dynamic warm up or he/she may call "Shugo" which means all students are to promptly line up in their respective ranks, standing tall at attention. This signals the formal beginning of class and respective bow-ins to: the front of the room, Sensei, senior instructors & black belts and to each other. When bowing at the beginning of class, all students will say "one-gai-shi-masu" meaning "please teach me."

At the end of your Karate class, Shugo will be once again called in order to draw the class formally closed. Each time one bows at the end of class, you will say "ari-gato-gozai-masu" meaning "thank you for teaching me."